Electrostatic Sprayer


Electrostatic is based on the principle that opposite charges attract and like charges repel. Two positively charged things will repel each other. Using this natural electrostatic phenomenon, Victory has developed a patented breakthrough cordless application technology.

The Victory Innovations Cordless Electrostatic System places a positive charge on the liquid before entering the nozzle allowing the maximum levels of liquid to be charged and sprayed at negatively charged surfaces (most surfaces are either negative or neutral) allowing for a more complete coverage of the targeted surface.


Electrostatic Disinfection Spraying sanitizes and disinfects quickly, and efficiently with the most thorough coverage available. This new technology is hospital-grade cleaning that is also 99.9% effective at removing viruses including COVID-19, influenza and more.


YES. Super Duper offers cleaning services using our advanced products and solutions for large and small areas. We offer ongoing cleaning services at discounted prices for larger, public spaces. Please call (412) 608-5414 for pricing.


Hospitals, Homes, Medical and Dental offices, health care facilities, medical related facilities sick rooms, nursing homes, day care centers, nurseries, correctional facilities, prisons, institutional facilities, public facilities, barber shops, salons, restaurants and bars, cafeterias, institutional kitchens, convenience stores, crime scenes, food storage areas, public restrooms, bathrooms, shower and bath areas, schools, colleges, athletic facilities, dressing rooms, campgrounds, play grounds, hotels, motels, office buildings, pet stores, ships, boats, cars, office buildings, buses, emergency vehicles, trains, port authority, buses, trolleys, etc.

Save money, time & labor


The Super Duper Cleaning System is approved by the EPA registered hospital disinfectant, mold killer, and odor eliminator which is non-irritating to the skin. It is a hypoallergenic formula, 100% biodegradable, and is safe on soft surfaced items including fabric, furniture, carpet, natural stone and plastic. It is NSF rated (D-2) No rinse required on food contact surfaces at full strength and has a one year shelf life after opening.

Our products have been used in emergency responses to eliminate virus out-breaks and clinical trials have shown a decrease of 95% in health-care-associated infections in hospital environments.

Super Duper sprayers combined with our cleaning solutions accomplish 360 degrees of cleaning. You can rest assured that even surfaces that are not clear and visible have been disinfected.


Electrostatic spraying combines our specialized cleaning solution with high-pressure air and an electrode located inside the nozzle. When discharged, the spray is atomized and electrons are induced onto the droplets as they leave the nozzle with a highly negative charge. As the spray approaches the target, the electrostatic force becomes stronger. Through this process, the mist adheres to the entire object, even the areas that are not in the direct aim of the spraying wand. The droplets have an attraction 75 times more forceful than gravity which is why the solution gets into all the areas of a space, and envelopes the ones that you can’t directly see.

It is this advanced technology that makes this the most effective disinfection process for germ and contaminant ridden areas.

100% Coverage
Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses
No Rinsing Required

ATTENTION – Realtors, Property Managers and Home Owners.

Do you need to Revitalize and Freshen up your property or facility?

Our Revitalize Program is a perfect program for Realtors, Property Managers and Homeowners to Clean, Deodorize, Sanitize and ensure your house or business is ready to show. (Just like that new car smell, how about a new house smell?) Perfect for eliminating odors such as Mold and Mildew, Pets and Smoke. With no need to air out the rooms, no wiping required and drying time usually under 10 minutes, our certified techs will be in and out before you know it.

We can Revitalize and Freshen up your property on demand, weekly, monthly and/or quarterly with pre-scheduled appointments.

Our Super Duper Technicians will come to your door prepared with the best tools on the market and within minutes, our electrostatic disinfection sprayer disburses the perfect amount of products to give you an incredible VOC free and completely disinfected fresh home. Our Super Duper Technicians don’t even wear masks, it’s that safe. A single application will leave you with an odor or odor free, bacteria and germ-free environment.

Our Revitalize Program is perfect for:

  • Homes , Townhouses and Condominiums Owners
  • We also do Automobiles, Boats, and RV,s
  • Open houses or showings
  • Residential and Commercial Realtors
  • Rental Property Managers

“From Refreshing a home for sale to the monthly office or daycare deep clean, your property will be germ-free and feel and smell brand new.”

Benefits for Realtors and Property Managers

  • Build customer loyalty by offering our services to ensure your new buyer or renter moves into a fresh, germ and bacteria free home.
  • Advertise that each listing has been completely disinfected properly.

Give your property the extra, special treatment with a “NEW re-fresh ” that all prospective buyers and renters expect every time they walk through the door.

For more information regarding our Revitalize program, or to request a quote, please call us at 412 608-5414 to set up an appointment Pittsburgh.